With no dance or gymnastics background and not being a fan of the gym, Lia wanted to push her body in other ways whilst keeping fit. After starting her first pole class back in 2013, she went on to compete around the UK, winning herself national titles along the way. It was a sport she immediately fell in love with because it offered more than just fitness, it offered a supportive and safe community where you were free to be and learn all about the different styles of pole without judgement.


It challenged her mentally as well as physically and boosted her self confidence to new heights. Fast forward to 2017 and she completed her xpole teaching certification and taught in studios in and around London. She also went on to teach classes and workshops abroad in other studios and that’s when the love for teaching began and in 2018, she opened up Pole Academy LDN.


Lia decided she wanted to also create a safe space where students could actually enjoy working out and look forward to it because she believes in order to see results, you have to enjoy what you're doing. This incredible and diverse sport also gives our students a chance to challenge themselves in various ways. Lia works with her students until they reach a high standard and encourages her students to compete too. Watching her students come out of their shells and progress in the world of pole is what makes her truly happiest. 



Doug is an aerialist and neuroscientist. He discovered his passion for pole in 2017 and hasn't stopped training since. Doug likes combining strength, flexibility and unusual transitions in his routines and classes. Throughout his pole journey, Doug has competed at the national level and placed second at Pole Art UK 2019.


Doug also trained aerial hoop at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. Having not come from a dance or gymnastics background, Doug believes that pole is for everybody and anyone can do this! 




Originally from Italy, Giorgia moved to London in 2015 and that's when she started her journey in pole dancing and aerial arts. She rediscovered her passion for dance and body movement as she already had a background in ballet and gymnastics. Pole and aerial hoop is her greatest passion as it combines everything she has always wanted: dance, flexibility, power, strength, femininity and energy. She loved it so much that she made it become her job! She has been teaching Pole, Aerial Hoop, Stretch and Flexibility since 2018. She focuses on technique, body lines and flow so join her for classes if you want to work on your aerial flow and feeling confident!


Intensive teacher Course with Josh Taylor in 2018
Spin City Stretching certification January 2017
Anatomy and Physiology January 2017

Qualified L2 & L3 PT September 2020




Cat discovered her love of pole while working as a marketing executive. Combining both her skills gained from burlesque and performing arts, plus her interest in strength training and calisthenic, she knew very quickly she had found something special! She quickly swapped a busy 9-5 for a career in fitness and pole dance and she hasn't looked back since. She loves performing and competing and her favourite moves are shouldermounts, elbow grips and dynamic spins!

Teaching is her first love and she fully believes that anyone can benefit from pole and is committed to making pole  as inclusive as possible regardless of background, age, gender or fitness level.


Rebecca has been poling since university where she fell in love with it instantly. Having danced from a young age, she enjoys putting simple routines together to music and feeling the flow. Rebecca went on to gain seven pole-related qualifications, and also enjoys experimenting with pole silks and lollipop pole. After trying a hoop workshop, she went on to progress independently, and has recently qualified as a beginners hoop instructor. She loves teaching beginner-level classes the most as it is amazing watching people fall in love with the sport as they progress.



Jade has always been active and had been involved in all kinds of sports growing up including various styles of dance. Into her late teens/early 20's she tried her hand at going to the gym and found that it wasn't fulfilling enough. She took her first pole class is 2018 and hasn't looked back!

She placed 2nd in Southern Pole Championships Online for Exotic Floor routine in 2021 before completing her teacher training with Xpole in March 2022. Pole dancing and coming to Pole Academy LDN is now just a part of who she is and is a big part of her weekly routine. She loves trying out new moves and combo's in her training.