With no dance or gymnastics background and not being a fan of the gym, Lia wanted to push her body in other ways whilst keeping fit. After starting her first pole class back in 2013, she went on to compete around the UK, winning herself national titles along the way. It was a sport she immediately fell in love with because it offered more than just fitness, it offered a supportive and safe community where you were free to be and learn all about the different styles of pole without judgement.


It challenged her mentally as well as physically and boosted her self confidence to new heights. Fast forward to 2017 and she completed her xpole teaching certification and taught in studios in and around London such as IFA with Daniel Rosen. She also went on to teach classes and workshops abroad in other studios including The Pole Factory in Barcelona. That’s when the love for teaching began and in 2018, she opened up Pole Academy LDN.


Lia decided she wanted to also create a safe space where students could learn this incredible and diverse sport whilst also giving them a chance to challenge themselves in various ways. Lia works with her students until they reach a high standard and encourages her students to compete too. Watching her students come out of their shells and progress in the world of pole is what makes her truly happiest. 



Doug is an aerialist and neuroscientist. He discovered his passion for pole in 2017 and hasn't stopped training since. Doug likes combining strength, flexibility and unusual transitions in his routines and classes. Throughout his pole journey, Doug has competed at the national level and placed second at Pole Art UK 2019.


Doug also trained aerial hoop at the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. Having not come from a dance or gymnastics background, Doug believes that pole is for everybody and anyone can do this!